Our Pasion

We believe in giving you the best service possible with an aceptable price. Not only we do not oversell, we have a strict policy of balance between customer allocation vs server power.  Our margins for benefit are lower but as our customer you will have such a good experience you won’t want to try other services.

Our Webhosting service runs on Dedicated Servers, we don’t host on cloud structures which means we get to manage and control the resources of each server individually for optimal performance.  All our webhosting plans runs under Plesk.

Our Ideals

We don’t believe in giving you unlimited plans where you don’t know exactly where is your limit.

Some traditional hosting services will offer plans as unlimited making you think you can have as much as you want but as a side effect, as soon as you use more than what the company think is fair use you either get notified or your account gets suspended.

We believe in honesty and our customers choose us because of that.  We give you straight numbers about what are you going to get and we guarantee that you’ll get exactly that,  no surprises and no suspensions for unknown reasons.

About Us

BIGFRAME.hosting was created by Alejandro Oro Vojacek, which also developed the site and the infrastructure of the service. 

We are a talented team of individuals specialized in the administration, support and development of WordPress services and hosting under linux.

We called ourselves geeks with social skills. Our dream was always been able to provide good services and expertise to our customers with accesible and cost effective services that really stand out from the crowd.  Our motto is to help, we know that there are tons of hosting companies out there and having good knowledge and experience is only a part of the equation.

There is a significant amount of hosting business that do not help their customers and we feel that this is our good spot.  We dare say helping a customer in need is paramount to provide a good service.

We are currently operating in Panama and the United States, our services are hosted on a premium Datacenter in Tampa/Florida, United States.

If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

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